Laboratory of Biocybernetics

The beginnings of Biocybernetic Lab

April 3, 1971 can be considered the beginning of research on biocybernetics and pattern recognition at AGH. On that day, for the first time in public, the first model of a so-called artificial animal  - an electronic dog - was presented. In addition to other functions, this model also had some elementary pattern recognition abilities. It was only a matter of recognizing simple elements of Polish speech (in fact, only two spoken messages), but recognition was based on a biocybernetic model of the auditory system (built with individual transistors), equipped with elements imitating the functions of a simple neural network for sound pattern recognition (built of relays!).

The Department of Biocybernetics (now called the Laboratory of Biocybernetics, AGH) was created within the Institute of Computer Sciences and Automated Control, AGH, in 1973.

The first studies concerned modelling the auditory system and recognition of speech (Tadeusiewicz, 1973 a and b) and other acoustic signals (Tadeusiewicz, 1974), which led to some general findings (G■recki, 1975; Tadeusiewicz, 1980), a patent (Tadeusiewicz, 1978) and an international publication (Tadeusiewicz, 1979). After a period of normal speech signal analyses, studies of pathological speech were also undertaken (Tadeusiewicz, 1985; Dudek-Dyduch, 1989). Along with studies on modeling the auditory system, other models of biological systems were investigated (Tadeusiewicz, 1981 a,b,c; Tadeusiewicz, 1982 b; Migacz, 1983 Tadeusiewicz, 1986; Tr■bka, 1988; Tadeusiewicz, 1989 a). There was also work on application of mathematical methods to microbiology (Mi'dzobrodzki, 1985) and diagnostics (Tadeusiewicz, 1987), which will not be discussed in detail here.

In 1982 the first publications on computer image processing came from the Laboratory  of Biocybernetics (Tadeusiewicz, 1982 a) in connection with the successful attempt to built the first Experimental Digital Image Recognition and Analysis System (CESARO - Cyfrowy Eksperymentalny System Analizy i Rozpoznawania Obraz■w) - based on the rather primitive PRS industrial computer - a system having a resolution of 128x128 pixels, with identification of 4 shades of gray (Kordek, 1982; Pachowicz, 1983). Particular attention was focused on the system's software (Tadeusiewicz, 1984; Pachowicz, 1984); that allowed construction and development of more modern systems of image analysis and recognition in later years (Tadeusiewicz, 1988 a nad b).

Starting from 1989, the use of neural networks has become one of the main lines of research (Tadeusiewicz, 1989 b; Tadeusiewicz, 1991) together with image processing in multi-processor systems (Tadeusiewicz, 1990). Besides image analysis and processing, pattern recognition has started to draw more and more interest (Mikrut, 1990, 1993; Tadeusiewicz, 1994 a and b).


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